Goodnight moon and burglars too

I don’t sleep well when I’m alone in the house at night.  And, yes, I do feel hypocritical telling Asa there’s nothing to be afraid of when I turn off his light at bedtime.  I stayed up until two in the morning with all the lights on because every noise outside sounded like an axe murderer trying to break in.  Thankfully axe murderers are deathly afraid of well-lit houses.  I shudder to think of the power bill next month…

I’ve tried to make my peace with this axe murderer fear:  “Well, if someone’s going to break in, they’re going to break in; Might as well get some sleep in the meantime.  You’ve got a 14 mile tempo run tomorrow.”  I talked myself out of the fear of flying that way.  (Well, if the plane is going to crash, it’s going to crash.  Nothing you can do about it sitting back here in economy class; Might as well enjoy the free spicy tomato juice.)  Sadly the logic hasn’t touched the axe murderer fear.  I imagine I’ll be so exhausted by Wednesday that it’ll be a moot point.  In the meantime, no caffeine past noon and maybe some alcohol with dinner… and dessert.

I’ve got a lot of speed work scheduled this week.  A New York Times reporter called the 5:48/mile pace of the female runners at the New York City marathon last weekend “sluggish.”  That reporter needs to come to see one of my tempo runs to get in touch with the meaning of the word “sluggish.”  I mean, really!

Hope you all have nice sluggish runs or walks today.

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3 Responses to Goodnight moon and burglars too

  1. Domingo says:

    You might try installing sensor lights around your doors. Or if ready for a pet. Get a dog. Might give you some piece if mind.

  2. Amy P. says:

    I have a GREAT dog who doubles as my “home security system” and running partner. At 60lbs of beefy Ridgeback mix, I don’t usually worry about people bothering me. Lucy the Lion Hunter LOVES kids, too. We could come over and camp in your front yard or come to some other lease/rent option 🙂

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