Celebrities at Bandera 100k

Like you, I spend the late night hours when my spouse is out of town repainting the walls. When Eliot and I moved into our house the walls in our bedroom were an ugly neon orange.  I repainted them an ugly saddle brown.  But I think I finally got it right tonight with beige.  Sadly I’m out of paint and I’ve got two walls to go.

Here is some exciting news for the ultrarunners who’ve kept reading.  Geoff Roes is signed up to run the Bandera 100k.  Check it out.  I’m a bit of a fan.  I mean, I don’t have a t-shirt or anything (Are there t-shirts?).  I’m just saying the fellow writes a nice blog.  😉

Meghan Arbogast is also signed up.   She just ran 100k in 7:46 at the IAU championships in Gibraltar.  !!!!  It’s going to be hard to find time to run 100k with all the autograph collecting I’ll be doing.   (But I’ll manage.)

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