One Step.

I walked into my bedroom last night and found Asa asleep in my bed — arms wrapped around a big book about fire trucks and his left leg in my plantar fasciitis boot.  I wish I could have taken a picture without waking him.  Sometimes the cuteness is just paralyzing around here.  I stood and watched the dear little guy for a good while.

We’d hiked about two miles at Eisenhower Park that evening.  I ran 21 miles there earlier and I felt a bit stiff jogging behind the boy as he hurtled up the rocky hills.  Thankfully he’s still more of a middle distance runner than an ultrarunner.  Soon we were reenacting his book “Little One Step” — in which a small duck walks a long long way by just putting one “foot” in front of the other again and again.

Boy: “My legs feel all wobbly.”

Mom: “Well, let’s just take one step at a time and see what happens.”

Boy: “One step.  One step.  One step.  One step….”

He slipped on a loose rock at one point and toppled over.  I responded with: “One fall.” He thought that was hysterical.  He laid on his back and laughed for a while.  Apparently he got my gene for highly-amused-by-physical-comedy.

Between that, the scat on the trail (Is that poop?!?), planes flying overhead in the darkening sky, and pretending to be a mosquito after my blood, Asa was in heaven.  Me too — though I did loose interest in the scat identification once it got dark.  “Mom!  There’s animal poop here!”  “Yup, there’s poop everywhere son, let’s keep moving.”

Plantar Fasciitis update:  Well, it seems like the PF wasn’t quite through with me.  The heel’s started to hurt again.  So I’m back to icing three times a day, the stretching, the anti-inflammatories, and the grousing.   The Northface race is only 20ish days away, and I’ve got my fingers crossed I can keep the discomfort under control and finish up my training.  I won’t risk being forced to aqua jog again.


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2 Responses to One Step.

  1. Norma M. Arias says:

    Still can’t get over your 30 miles on Saturday and 20 on Sunday last weekend! Great stuff!! Will be thinking positive thoughts as you prepare for San Francisco; wish I could run that many miles . . . .maybe someday——Norma 🙂

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