35 on the treadmill

Well, I’m not going to set any world records by running 35 miles on the treadmill tonight.  Looks like the record belongs to a Hungarian lady.  153 miles in 24 hours.  (I didn’t do much rigorous research for that info, so if there’s some other crazy woman out there with an amazing tolerance for running towards a wall, my apologies.)

A good friend offered to watch Asa today while I ran, but her daughter came down with a fever.  Asa’s got a tough little immune system, but, it seemed Wrong to test it.  That’s right son; I love you to the moon and back — and at least 35 treadmill miles.

So I’ll be watching the first season of “Mad Men” and the movie “Burn After Reading” for the first part of the run.  I think we’ll have to make a trip to the library to get a few more DVDs, so I don’t end up watching Thomas the Tank Engine episodes for the last miles.   Can you imagine anything worse than watching “Mud Glorious Mud” after running 26 miles on a treadmill in the garage in the middle of the night.  No, me neither.

I’m not going to think about the treadmill torture again until I tuck Asa into bed tonight.  Now it’s time for more coffee and some good Saturday morning hanging out with the boy.  (And, maybe, a moment of thankfulness for having the opportunity to do these miles at all.)

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2 Responses to 35 on the treadmill

  1. Steve Berrones says:

    How did the 35 TM run go for you? I did 31 last week on a TM at the Y with intervals of 2 miles @ 3% decline (max on the TM) and 1 at 10% incline. I repeated 10 times and added one final mile. Not much fun, but there are no hills out here in west Texas to train on. I will probably do something similar this Wedneday for my final LR before TNF 50. I’m getting anxious, but feel completely unprepared for this race. I just hope to have fun and get a glimpse of some of the big dogs out there including you, Kami and Anton. Take care!

    • lizahoward says:

      35 miles on a treadmill running is better than 6 hours of aqua-jogging. I imagine it’s also better than eating cockroaches. 😉 It’s I’ve got my last long run tomorrow too. I’ll be doing laps on a short hill to avoid the mill. Sounds like you’re doing some good training. It’s unnerving to be running a race on a totally unfamiliar course. I can’t imagine coming out to run Bandera without ever having run there before. Hope we run into each other in 18 days. (figuratively)

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