Plane ticket: check

Eliot got home from his weeklong conference yesterday afternoon.  Whoop!!  He brought Asa a tiny Black Diamond lantern and I got a headlamp.  Score.  Asa spent the rest of the day shutting himself in dark rooms to use his present.  I’ll wear mine December 4th.  I just got my plane ticket for the race.  It’ll be quite the whirlwind trip.  In, out, nobody gets hurt.  (Please!)

I’m glad I signed up for this race.  I’ve gotten over feeling anything but excited about it.  I’ve been thankful to be able to train at all, really.  My foot is still giving me grief, but not too much.  And it’s been good to try to run faster.  My body hasn’t liked the speed work much and I’ve had to back off because of some calf pain.  (Time for Eliot to trade me in for parts.)  But I finally feel like I’m over the hump and on the mend.  Most importantly, signing up for a race in early December has kept my affection for tortilla chips in check.  There is actually an opened bag of tortilla chips in the pantry right now.  And it’s been there for days.  Days!

So what is autograph asking etiquette?  Before or after a race?  Sparkly pen and pink autograph book?  I had the students on my last NOLS course sign a Thermarest that Asa uses as a nap mat at school.  These students were absolutely wonderful, so I asked them to write a short piece of advice for the boy on the mat too.  Do I bring the Thermarest?  Maybe I’ll save that for Bandera.  Better to be wacky on your own turf?

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