Take a left at the barn that burned down in 1972

Those are the directions for one 5.6 mile section of TNF 50 mile course.


The other 44.4 miles are broken down with similar detail.

And here’s a picture of the course flagging.

along with this helpful advice:

I feel like I should start my post about getting lost now.  “Has anyone seen a bleeping orange ribbon?!?”  or “How I ran 25 extra miles looking for a bleeping orange ribbon.”

I will study the map and I do hope to see a bit of the course on Friday, but I imagine you’re in for some hi-larious reading in about 18 days — regardless.

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4 Responses to Take a left at the barn that burned down in 1972

  1. Steve Berrones says:

    Liza – check out this website below for a flyover of TNF 50 course. If you will have the map in front of you while you watch the video it is easier to understand. I’m hoping the visual helps a little. This is going to be fun!


    If that doesn’t work since I am even more challenged with technology than I am running, Google “The Run Scout” and there are several courses listed on the right hand side that are on the website.

  2. George Zack says:

    Hilarious indeed.

    I’d be impressed if you can always see a ribbon.

  3. trimble says:

    Just don’t TAKE the ribbons- I’ll never make it home!

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