This is the Happy Thanksgiving place mat my son made at his little school.  Can you make out the words written on the prayerful hands?  That’s right, my son is “thankful for bacon.”  Apparently Asa’s teacher sat the children in a circle and asked each one what he or she was thankful for.  I’m told there were many “I am thankful for my mom and dad.” responses.  Some were thankful for brothers or sisters.  Some for toys.  My son?  I’m told he didn’t hesitate for a second when Mrs. S. asked.  “BACON!”

I’m so proud.

The boy’s bacon gratitude is heartfelt and serious.  As the son of a vegan, he doesn’t eat much bacon.  I remember the first time he had some, he looked at me while he chewed with this expression that clearly read,  “Why haven’t we been eating this all along?  What other wonderful things have you been keeping from me, mother?”  Hard to say how our relationship will fare when he discovers HoHos.

Today is my last biggish run before the race on the 4th.  I got up at 4 to try to knock it out before the family was ready for fun.  But I’m not feeling all that motivated to get going.  It’s coldish in our old house and I can’t bring myself to take off my big fluffy bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and put on my running clothes.  Maybe a little more coffee.

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5 Responses to Bacon

  1. Martin says:

    I love stories that have “bacon” as the punch line. A few years ago, a friend of mine was planning on moving up to ultras and entered the Big Horn 50K. I imparted such ‘ultra wisdom’ as I could leading up to it, more as friendly advice than anything else. She ran the race and was very impressed with the aid station fare. When I asked her how the run went, she said “Martin, you are such a LAME coach! You didn’t tell me anything about running and eating bacon!”. It’s become a ‘running’ joke here. We even make the extra effort to have bacon at an aid station if she’s in the race, just to make sure we can offer it to her.

    Good luck in your next race. The running here in Montana has turned wintry. It was a breezy 5*F and snowing for our local club 12 mile run this morning. I’m still checking to make sure all appendages are still attached.

    • lizahoward says:

      5 degrees. Yikes. I’ve run in Lander, WY in February, but that was a good while ago. South Texas really does come into its own in November as far as running goes.
      I love your bacon story. What a great thing to eat in the middle of the night during a race.

  2. Sara G says:

    I showed the post to my husband, and he agrees with Asa. He is also thankful for bacon. 🙂

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