There and back again

I ran out of clean running skirts last week and ended up running in a pair of shorts for the first time in a long long while.  And, I’ve got to say, I like running in shorts.  I’m shocked.  I have been a running skirt zealot for years.  I love the anti-chaffing compression shorts wrapped in a bit of femininity.  (Message: Hey, I may be covered in mud, sotol scratches, and sweat, but I’m still a lovely lady.)  Maybe it’s just the humidity down here (You heard me; It’s still humid down here the week before Thanksgiving.), but the extra skirt material has felt like a nuisance recently.  (Blasphemy!)  Looks like I’m going to have to find another way to maintain my delicate girlishness during runs.  Fake nails?  Sunscreen with glitter?  Open to suggestions.

There’s an informal charity run here in San Antonio put on the Alamo Running Buddies this Saturday if you’re in town.  5k and 15k starting at 8am at Martha’s Mexican Restaurant, 13259 Blanco Road.  More info and a RSVP at

I’ll miss it because I’ll be in Nacogdoches collecting eggs from chickens and visiting (with people).

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2 Responses to There and back again

  1. Sharis says:

    I say go for sunscreen with glitter!

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