On the road for turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday is in full swing here at the Howard household.  The apples are out for pie baking and we hit the road for Houston this afternoon.  (Surely I don’t need to tell you at this point in our blogging relationship that I have seven piles of laundry to do before we leave, — a sinkful of dirty dishes, misplaced suitcases, and a pantsless child running around the house banging on furniture with a stick.  You just assume that, yes?)

We’ll be on the road with most of the rest of Texas today (those who aren’t being molested by the TSA) — and I’m looking forward to some down time stuck in traffic.  Sad, but true; I’ll take my sitting where I can get it.  We’ll spend today and tomorrow in the city and then we’ll head onto Nacogdoches in East Texas.  We have family that lives off the grid outside of town there.  I can’t wait to spend some time sitting quietly on their back porch or in front of their wood burning stove.  (Are you sensing the Sitting theme this holiday?)

The L.’s are skilled gardeners and I’m also hoping to learn as much as possible from them while we’re there.  We had a great little backyard plot this summer, but it was all Eliot’s doing.  I have a black thumb, so I kept my distance from the tomato plants.  My approach has been to torture plants (with love) and then watch them die slowly.  The only plant to survive my attention has been Pothos Ivy, which you’d have to light on fire to kill as far as I can tell.

So that’s the Thanksgiving plan: Sitting and green thumb-ing.  Oh, AND trying to simulate hills for TNF 50.  Sure, one could train on the actual hilly course, or train in some mountain town, but where’s the challenge in that?  No hills. No treadmill incline.  No problem.

Anybody in Houston or Nacogdoches interested in joining me for a few miles of walking lunges?

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