Justin Bieber and my Northface Endurance Challenge goals

So yesterday I was whining about the flatness of downtown Houston.  Nothing even resembling a hill to train on for the upcoming race.  But I forgot I still had a free seven-day pass to Lifetime Fitness.  It was one of the prizes from Leadville.  So this morning at six I was sweating my way up some imaginary treadmill hills. I was pretty much alone in the ocean of treadmills they have there.  Just me, 20 TVs, and Justin Bieber blaring overhead.  (I will not be adding young master Bieber to my racing playlist in case you were wondering.).
It was during the Bieber torture that sweat from my ponytail actually began hitting surrounding treadmills.  Good choice to stay home this morning Houston Lifetime members.
I was really thankful to have access to a treadmill this morning.  And the dressing rooms — complete with baskets of free razors — were lovely.  But the best part of the fitness world adventure was that the little guy who checked me in wasn’t qualified to fill out my free pass.  He asked if I could keep a secret and then he just handed back my unblemished pass.  You have to use the seven free days consecutively, so I was basically throwing away five days when I chose to use it today and tomorrow.  But now I’ve still got seven days AND access to two hours of free child with each visit.  14 hours.  Swoon.  (Unless you people rat me out… You can keep a secret though, right?)
Some friends asked my goals for the Northface race, so here they are:
1.  Do not get lost.
The twists and turns of this course coupled with my sense of direction and inattentiveness might make this goal unattainable.  But I’m going to aim high.
2.  Enjoy the running.
I’ve finally been able to train again after almost seven months of nursing plantar fasciitis.  I’d like to keep deep gratitude for being able to run at all foremost in my mind.
3.  Do my best.
This is only my second 50 mile race.  The first one was on a flat course and it was my first ultra.  So I can’t come up with any time goals.
4.  Meet celebrities.

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2 Responses to Justin Bieber and my Northface Endurance Challenge goals

  1. Bob Stanke says:

    Hope you enjoyed your experience at Life Time yesterday! And don’t worry, your secret is safe with me too! 🙂

    Bob Stanke
    Community Engagement Manager
    Life Time Fitness, Inc.

    • lizahoward says:

      Doh! Who knew anybody besides my mom was reading? Guess I’ll nix that post about the unsolved murder and the money laundering. 😉
      Lifetime and the treadmill hills made my day yesterday, Bob. I’ve been holding onto that pass like it was made of gold since August. Thank goodness the salon was closed for Thanksgiving; My defenses were low after luxuriating in the steam room.
      Oh, and Justin, if you’re reading too … Listening to your music probably isn’t like be tortured at all.

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