Lard and vegans

Our car is loaded down with gifts from our Thanksgiving travels — snowmen themed dessert plates, family Christmas ornaments, a jar of honey from the L.’s beehive, chicken feeders, a gigantic kid’s atlas….Asa’s been sleeping for hours, which is great now, but won’t be so great later tonight when we get home.  We’re choosing to enjoy the blessed quiet rather than think about that.

I’m reading Eliot a book about food.  I love reading about food and eating.  I thought this one was just going to extol the virtues of unprocessed foods, but so far it’s more a celebration of lard, beef, and whole milk.  Eliot’s loving it.  The Lard Argument isn’t convincing as it’s presented, but the book has made me think seriously about altering my diet in the new year.  I’ve been eating vegan for three years now.  I chose that route as a means to improve my overall diet.  Vending machines and quik-e-marts were major food sources before I made the switch.  (Coffee with two vanilla creamers, orange peanut butter crackers and a handful of fireballs — everyday after work.)  Being vegan has been a handrail to eating well for me.  And, now, after three years,  I have a good sense of how I need to eat to feel strong and energetic.  And I think it’s time to incorporate some animal-fare.  Lard, here I come.  Well, not lard right off the bat, but we are going to have some hens roaming around the backyard soon, so eggs, here I come.  I think my new handrail will be unprocessed foods.  I haven’t fleshed out the details.  It’s still only November and I’m all about the New Year’s Resolution.  I see yogurt making and heated discussions about beer brands in my future.

And, of course, I’m not recommending anyone eat any particular way.  Honestly, I just haven’t figured out how to write about the fight I saw at the last gas station without actually typing out all the profanity — and food choices was the first substitute topic that came to mind.

Oh, and word of the day is “milt.”  Salmon sperm.  And a female yak is called a nak.  Very educational trip so far.

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