Body scanned and en route

Hello from the Phoenix airport!  The people-watching is pretty good right now. There’s a 60 year-old guy to my left watching the Rocky Horror episode of Glee on his IPad.  And there are two  women across from me debating whether to buy Frangelica from the Duty Free shop. 
My old friend T. is picking me up at the airport in San Francisco and then we’re going to paint the town red — or buy a few gels, pick up our race packets, and turn in early. The two of us haven’t run a race together since sometime in the last century — at the Richmond marathon.  It was a very tiny marathon at the time and I remember my mom and dad were able to stand just a few feet away from us at the start taking pictures.  I also remember eating a pound of Jelly Bellies afterwards.  My mom and dad won’t be at the race tomorrow, but B. set me up with the pound of Jelly Bellies.  I am a big fan of post-race Jelly Belly consumption.  If the race goes well, they’re great celebration food.  Edible confetti.  And if the race goes badly, well, it’s hard to feel too low when you’ve got a handful of Jelly Bellies.  You can also chuck them at things.  Very versatile.  (No, no Jelly Belly sponsorship; This is from my heart people.).
And speaking of the heart, tomorrow I’ll be carrying my new Government Canyon bandana — signed by most of my running buddies.  I couldn’t be more blessed with running friends.  I will think of them each time I blow my nose.  Kidding.  Each time I stop to pee…. Honestly, knowing such fine people is trying.  I’d feel pretty peaceful going into this race except I want to run well for them.
Okay, more tomorrow — unless things go terribly and I need to spend time with my Jelly Belly bag.
Oh!  I almost forgot; The North Face folks are updating racers’ times throughout the day on their Facebook pages.  Cool, eh?  Except that I’m not on Facebook.  Long stalker story.  But I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and join the rest of the world today, so Eliot knows how I’m faring.  I have never eaten at Taco Bell, so I’ve still got that to make me special.
Thank you for this adventure Eliot.  Your turn.

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4 Responses to Body scanned and en route

  1. Domingo says:

    Sorry I missed you yesterday. Think light foot. Hopefully no PF pain. Persistence running is the key.
    Good luck!

  2. Hey Rockstar! Have fun and please stay away from Taco Bell. It’s much worse than Facebook could ever think of being 🙂
    You are fantastic…..have the run of your life.

  3. Chris R says:

    I don’t know, TB is pretty awesome on 69 cent Taco Sunday.

  4. Emily says:

    Good Luck tomorrow, Liza!!! I’ll be watching the FB updates (if you add me as a friend, that is)! 🙂

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