Oh, right, I’m working today

I walked into the house last night after getting back to San Antonio and told Eliot that I was really excited to get out to Bandera today for a run. 
“Aren’t you teaching in Austin for the next three days?”
It really had slipped my mind entirely.  (Of course I would have remembered WMI employers.)
I slept for about four hours and then got in the car to drive up here — sucking down caffeine the entire way.  My heart rate is about 20 beats above normal.  I know this because I just taught “Early Changing Vital Signs.”  And I am groaning like an old woman every time I have to bend down to demonstrate a skill, — which is every 30 seconds.  Wow, my legs are sore.  
I was all excited to chat with you all about gear and lessons learned from the race, but it’ll have to wait until later. (Devastated, eh?) Teaser: Wearing arm sleeves upside down.
DNF Day 2: Still no word from North Face.  Sending another e-mail.

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2 Responses to Oh, right, I’m working today

  1. Steve Berrones says:


    Nice job out there! You were looking solid when I saw you after the turnaround at Pantoll (I hadn’t reached the turnaround yet). I underestimated the hills, and missed my goal, but still had a great time. It was a great first 50 to run, or should I say 51+? I can’t believe you are ready to run already. I think I’ll take the week off and start up again next week and gear up for the Big Bend 50K in mid January.

    Take care,


    • lizahoward says:

      I don’t think I actually would have gotten up any hills on Monday. I am sore!!!! I’m glad you had fun. Sorry we didn’t cross paths afterwards. Not coming to Bandera?

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