Goiters, goiters everywhere.

The list of presents is done!  The annual baked dish is decided.  The tissue-filled trash cans are empty.  A wildly productive day yesterday.  Today…. Well, today might be a wash.  I spent the morning at the doctor’s office being evaluated for hypothyroidism.  (Since my plantar fasciitis is pretty much gone, I figured I’d better come down with some other unpleasant condition to blog about.)  So the first thing I thought when I saw pictures from last week’s race was, “What’s wrong with my neck?”  It looks like I’ve just swallowed a small rodent.  The second thing I thought was, “Goiter?”  (OK, truth be told, goiter was third.  I checked out whether or not my legs looked muscle-y second.)  Goiters came to mind so quickly because T., J., and I watched some of the Virginia Tech game Saturday after the race and Coach Frank Beamer has a prominent goiter.  I’d never watched a Virginia Tech game before.  I didn’t know who Frank Beamer was.  And my last exposure to goiters outside of nursing school was an unforgettable National Geographic photo.  But it’s like when you learn a new word — and then hear it twelve more times the same day.  Goiters, goiters everywhere!

So I got pints of blood drawn this morning and we’ll see what’s going on in a few days.    Besides looking like you have a mouse stuck in your throat, one of the major symptoms of hypothyroidism is fatigue.  It’s an attractive thought — being able to attribute my lack of pep to blood chemistry rather than Motherhood.  From what I read though, the goiter itself doesn’t decrease much in size even after they fix the hormone balance.  So try not to stare at my bulging neck the next time you see me.  Concentrate on my muscley legs.

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2 Responses to Goiters, goiters everywhere.

  1. Trimble says:

    You are obsessing slightly. You look fantastic:)

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