Home Sweet Home

I got a nice big welcome home hug and kiss from Bandera today.  The picture doesn’t do justice to how well the blood blended into the red swirls of my gaiters.  On the upside, everyone agreed it was one of the ugliest wounds they’d seen out there in a while.  I’m going to try to avoid a repeat performance tomorrow.  I might have nightmares tonight about running through sotol with an open wound.

We had a nice big group out there today and the chatter was great.  Afterwards we celebrated T.’s birthday in the parking lot with cupcakes — cupcakes he baked for  us.  I ate three, to ensure he’d have a really happy day.

Asa and Eliot are building a log loader out of Legos in the next room.  I’ve got bill paying duty.  Bleaugh.  Hope your Saturday nights are a bit more wild.

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5 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Chris R says:

    So now you want people to focus on your musclely bloody legs?:)

  2. lizahoward says:

    Some women wear heels….

  3. Domingo says:

    Sorry about the fall. Glad you all had a good run at Bandera. Hard for me to get away these days for road trips. I slow you down anyway since I always get lost out there and can’t keep up. Training these days have slowed to a crawl. Doing whatever I can. Probably won’t be out at Bandera till race day. That should be fun! I think I might be able to finish the 50k in 24 hours.
    Have a great time in Hawaii. Might be good time get and use some huaraches for the beach.

    • lizahoward says:

      We missed you Domingo. I finally figured my way around out there — after years of just following Chris around. We’ll have to do a tour together sometime. See you out there! Will you be wearing huaraches?

      • Domingo says:

        I will be wearing huaraches. Have injinji toe socks I wear for the cold. Will carry extra pair if it is raining. Hope not. Also will carry extra pair of huaraches in pack. Just case straps break. GUI Gels chia seeds first aid kit light and duct tape. Duct tape is to wrap around foot if weather is very wet. Will help keep huaraches from slipping. In theory anyway. Just left out the kitchen sink!

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