New Balance MT101s at Bandera?

I wore the New Balance MT101s out at Bandera today to see how they’d do in all the rocks.  I heart these shoes, but they seem like a bit of a risk on some of Bandera’s downhills.  Chunky rocks, lying on top of more chunky rocks,  lying on top of unstable smallish rocks.  Or just piles of chunky rocks on a steep hill.  If you step on a rock going downhill fast and your foot twists a bit, it’s really easy to bruise the side of your foot in a shoe without much side protection.  The MT101s were perfect today though.  (Did I mention I heart them?)  A. and I ran 17ish miles and most of the hills of the 100k course.  Still, it’s foolish to underestimate Bandera, so no shoe decisions until I run some high mileage out there next week.  Let me know what you think if you have any thoughts on the matter.

In other news, Eliot, Asa, and I going to Hawaii for the holidays.  My sister’s husband is deployed and my parents are bringing the family together to be with her and her girls. Such sacrifice on our parts, eh?  Wonderful sister, great nieces, loving parents, island paradise.  Anything for family, I guess.  (For the record, we all would have shown up in Georgia if they’d been stationed there, too.  We just might not have clapped when the plane landed.)  I promise to post obnoxious Christmas-at-the-beach pictures.

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3 Responses to New Balance MT101s at Bandera?

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Liza,
    I have the NB 100’s and they are my most favorite shoes ever. Love them! I find I don’t roll my ankle as much when I’m trail running in them…probably because they sit so close to the ground and don’t sit on a big cushy platform. Where I run isn’t rocky at all though and I can see that being a concern as their isn’t much cushion at all.
    Hawaii sounds amazing! You’ll show up for Bandera all tanned and rested and ready to kick some butt. 🙂

    • lizahoward says:

      Same on less ankle rolling for me. I feel like my form is better in those shoes because it has to be. More research on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.
      Wish I could bring everybody along to Hawaii for some running and relaxing (and helping out my sister.) 🙂

  2. Todd says:

    One other shoe you may think of trying out at bandera is the La Sportiva Sky Lite. It sits low to the ground, but has a more substantial upper and maybe a little more cushioning than the 101’s (definitely not a lot of cushioning). Plus the tread is pretty awesome for the layers of loose rock out there.

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