I made an awesome lentil and rice dish last night.  No one had seconds — after Asa vomited all over the dinner table.  He hadn’t been sick;  It was just a random three year-old vomit.  Eliot and I are a good vomit clean-up team seven years into our marriage.  Within minutes it was if nothing had happened.  Asa was happily ensconced on the couch, sipping apple juice and watching Bob the Builder.  Still, the whole thing knocked the wind out of the rest of the evening and put an end to my plans to run long at Bandera today.  I cleaned the house while Asa convalesced instead.  I’d much rather have been taking nose dives out on the rocky hills, but it is nice to have enlarged the dust bunny free zone.
Eliot’s young Outdoor Pursuits folks are out in the living room right now, eating and making merry.  I’m feeling a bit dull, so I figured I’d take a minute to type this out before it got too much later.  This was a potluck Christmas gathering and the students did some impressive cooking.  My favorite conversation of the night was with a great young fellow who talked enthusiastically about the challenges of dutch oven cooking.  If we’d been in a musical, he would have been singing and dancing around the fireplace.  He’d made a dutch oven-full of enchiladas that took up one end of my dinning room table.  Everyone had seconds.

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