And the diagnosis is…

Iron deficiency anemia.  (Thyroid’s fine — just beefy.)  My ferritin levels, on the other hand, are LOW.  I’ll get a copy of my labs today and write more about iron deficiency anemia, which is soooooooo common for female distance runners.  But, right now, I wanted you to know that all is well down here in San Antonio — where it will be 80 degrees today.  I’m relieved to have an explanation for feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck every day.  (Really it’s been more like run over by a convoy of trucks.)  I also feel really dumb for not putting the anemia puzzle together earlier.  But, more than anything, I’m feeling a bit taxed by the mealtime-iron-pill-supplement calculations.  You have to take iron on an empty stomach one hour before a meal or two hours afterwards — for it to be absorbed well.  I’m taking three pills a day.  Not all that hard to figure out, you’re thinking?  Well, the same rules apply for caffeine.  We’re talking huge dietary changes here people.  How am I going to fit the lattes in?  The soda stops at Bill Millers with my refillable mug?  If I get up at 4am…  It’s just all too complicated for me in my anemic state.  😉

Heading out to Bandera today one last time before the 10ok this morning.  Can’t wait.

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