6:35am San Antonio Airport
They just walked the bomb sniffing dog onto the plane.  It’s about half an hour past our 6am departure time.  This does not seem like a good sign we’ll make our connecting flight in LA.  Asa is asleep in Eliot’s arms.  I handed him over after the first hour.  He doesn’t sit in my lap much and it was great to have him snuggled up against me for so long — until I lost sensation in my legs.
As you’d imagine there is some excellent people watching at the airport today.  We’re in an ocean of soldiers headed home for the holidays.  They all look just slightly older than Asa.  The average age seems to be 19.  The best outfit so far was worn by an 11 year-old.  Silver sequined cap with a fur stole made out of gerbil bodies strung together.  I’m not entirely sure they were gerbils…could have been mice with the tails removed…
Ooh, we’re boarding.  Updates to come.
8:18 LAX: We made the connection! Asa is a champ.  Thank goodness the boy can run fast.  Eliot and I made the mistake of grabbing his hands halfway through the race between terminals and he decided it’d be more fun to be dragged.  Picture the three of us with 16 minutes to make the distance between terminals.  Of course we had our six allowable carry-ons.  More when I have a lei around my neck.

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2 Responses to Traveling

  1. trimble says:

    good luck in your travels today. You guys have a Merry Christmas!

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