Late sleepers

OMG! these kids are sleeping late on Christmas morning.  It’s 7am.  I have been up since 4:30.  Come on people, there are presents to unwrap!  Santa ate the cookies, the reindeer nibbled on the carrots, there are a pile of new presents under the tree that weren’t there when everybody went to bed, and somebody put a Santa hat on the Buddha statue. How can you possible still be sleeping?  In years past, I would have facilitated the Christmas morning wake-up, but I’ve mellowed with age.  And my sister is still recovering from Asa’s rendition of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer at six yesterday morning.  He squawked it like a loud chicken.  Bwock-bwock bwock bwock bwocked bwock-wock!!!!  We’re wonderful house guests.

Anyway, Napa Auto Parts of Hawaii came through and there is a real oil can ( a la Wizard of Oz) under the tree for Asa.  I can’t wait to see his truck-loving face this morning.  IF he and the nieces ever get up.  What with the beach, the trampoline, and chasing after his cousins while pretending to be a shark yesterday, he was pretty tired when we set the cookies and carrots out last night.  Still…  Apparently Christmas genes are recessive.

In running news, OMG I am sore.  Running fast-ish on the roads has hobbled me.  I’m getting up from chairs like a 97 year-old.  Embarrassing.  More speed today after the wrapping paper has cleared and we’ve had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Swedish egg casserole.  Nobody in the family is Swedish; My mom just liked the recipe years ago.  OK, I’m just rambling now to pass time.  I’ll sign off before I go into the details of the Hawaiian beach bathing suit scene and my walking lunges workout.

Merry Christmas to all of you.  Thanks for the present of reading this blog.  🙂

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