No worries.

I’m up at 4 again to run before the family wakes, but it sounds like there’s a monsoon outside.  So I’m going to make myself comfortable on the couch for a while instead.  Core workout, walking lunges, another cup o’ coffee and then maybe some wet running.  It’s not like it’s a cold rain here on Oahu.  I just don’t want to melt.

2010’s Christmas story:  My sister drives the SUV over her daughter’s new remote control car and destroys it.  (Niece #1 had the controls to Niece #2’s new remote control car when their mom backed out of the garage.  My nieces are not always sweet to one another, but the yellow car’s sad path towards the tires seems like an accident.)  Our efforts to console E. were unsuccessful.  She just stood in the dining room stricken — holding the lopsided car and one of its tires.  THEN my sister walks back into the house and says, “It’s OK sweetheart; I have another car for you,” and takes a replacement remote control car out of her bedroom closet.  It was already wrapped in Christmas paper and tied with a bow.  It was as if she’d had a premonition.  My sister has always been unflappable.  And after solo parenting through three year-long deployments and several shorter ones, my sister is also very prepared for contingencies.  Remote control car run over unexpectedly on Christmas morning?  No worries.

Today is my parents 42 anniversary.  Sadly there is no traditional anniversary gift for 42 years.  I’m all about traditional anniversary gifts.  Year One is paper and Eliot made me some.  I folded a bunch of paper cranes for him — while I was on course in Alaska camped on a glacier.  Year Three, leather, was kind of a disappointment.  Leather picture frames.  We’re heading towards our bronze year now.  I’m not sure how those gifts are going to play out.  Anyway, after crystal at 15 years, the traditional remembrances come only every five years. (What’s up with that?)  So my parents are in between ruby and sapphire.  Probably for the best.  Our budget couldn’t handle a pair of sapphire encrusted fly fishing rods right now.  Instead we’re going to hire a sitter and go out to a nice restaurant.  I’m looking forward to sipping on a Lava Flow while listening to stories about 42 year-old wedding drama.

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