Mudfest at Bandera?

I’ve spoken to a handful of folks who froze camping last year at Bandera and I’d planned to write a good post about sleeping warm.  But it looks like that won’t be a problem this year; 62 and rainy is the forecast 9 days out.  Mudfest.  Who knows what might happen between now and then though.  I’ll post “Sleeping Warm” if the temperatures dive unexpectedly.  (I’ve got skills.) I don’t have any advice if it does turn out to be rainy — except that it’s best to make your peace with the soul sucking mud early on.  Embrace it and your platform sneakers.  You’ll look taller in the race photos at any rate.  (Chris, you might want to duck.)
Eliot flew home to Texas today.  He had to get back to take students on a skiing trip.  It’s a hard life he leads.

Update:  No more rain in the forecast.  Cloudy and in the 60s.  We’ll see.

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