Road to trail conversion

I got up at 5 to run and it took about 6 miles before I was feeling like a kind and cheerful person again.  Usually I’m less grinch-like after only 2 miles. But that’s trail miles.  Maybe I’ve found the conversion: 2 trail miles = 6 road miles… as far as running to ameliorate moodiness goes anyway.  As much as my family doesn’t love all the time I spend running, they’re also thankful when I head out the door to run.  They’re even happier when it’s first thing in the morning.  I’m not saying that I’d have stolen people’s Christmas presents if I didn’t get out to run Christmas Eve — but I might have gotten grouchy if the kids unwrapped their presents slowly instead of tearing the wrapping paper off to get to the presents as quickly as possible.  See, running makes me less insufferable.  We’re having a slow morning here on the island.  My plan is to play with Asa and his new Lego fire truck, roll around a lot on top of the PVC pipe (Take that hamstring!) and then ring in the New Year with Lava Flows, fireworks and a nice New Year’s Resolutions list.


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