2011 Resolutions

Happy 2011!! I did not make it to midnight here in Hawaii to ring in the New Year.   (If you stayed up until 4am in your time zone, you can give me a hard time about this.). Happily the people here go crazy with fireworks as soon as it gets dark, so I felt like I’d done my part to welcome 2011 and scare away any evil spirits by about 10pm.

My tradition is to run in the first sunrise of the year.  No one was out when I hit the road at 6 — not even any New Year’s Resolution types.  I used to count the runners on New Year’s Day who were obviously running because it was a resolution.  “Start running this year.”  They were always dressed in lovely new running outfits, had very clean shoes, and never looked particularly happy.  Picking out new runners strikes me as obnoxious now.  (Because it SO is.)  This morning as I ran along in my old stinky running clothes, I paid attention instead to my own growing list of resolutions.  My book group is reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” this month — and, in a wild break with tradition, I’ve been reading the book before our get together.  I’ve been inspired (it doesn’t take much when it comes to making resolutions) and since no one in my family will play my resolution games, I’m going to follow the framework she introduced;  Each month has a new resolution focus and all resolutions are cumulative throughout the year.  I’m all aquiver.
Ms. Rubin started out in January with a focus on feeling more energetic.  Her rationale was that more energy would help her accomplish her other resolutions.  This seems a great place to start for me too.  I’m feeling a ton better with the thrice daily iron supplements, but the Mack truck that likes to run me over is always just around the corner.  So here are my January resolutions for your entertainment — and my accountability.
1.Plan for 8 hours of sleep a night with a weekly schedule.
2. Swear off food that makes me feel lethargic.  (Goodbye diet soda, tortilla chips, and alcohol.).
3. Swear off eating habits that leave me feeling lethargic or grumpy.  (Goodbye caffeine crashes.  Only one cup of caffeine in the morning.  And goodbye meals fit for a giant.)
4.  Drink some water on the hour.  (I hate drinking water.  I’m chronically dehydrated.  This is dumb.)
5.  Maintain my current weight.  (Like most everyone, I gain weight and then spend energy losing it again and again — and again.  It tires me out.  It tires the people around me out.  I’m taking the year off.  This will be a hard habit to break, so, to help myself, I told Eliot that 2011 was the “Year of the Exposed Belly.” Time to invest in some pretty sports bras.
I’ll keep you posted for February.  How will you ever pass the month?  Thanks again for the accountability.
In other news, the skies look clear and wonderful for Bandera next weekend.  I’m looking forward to seeing you if you’re coming out.  Time to drink some water now.

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7 Responses to 2011 Resolutions

  1. Gene Taylor says:

    Hi Liza,
    I thought it was time to thank you for a very entertaining blog. I have been reading it since I met you at the hostel in Leadville and we all chatted endlessly about running, living and compared ad nauseum the many different ultras we have all experienced.
    I was visiting my friend Brenda and got to meet all the rest of you as a treat.
    I was stationed in Hawaii back in the last century and will always remember the all night fireworks on New years and the Christmas lights on the smokestack guide wires. Those were about the only way I could tell what time of year it was.
    Anyway, good luck with the multi-resolution plan and go drink some water.
    Best wishes,
    Gene Taylor Madison, Wi

    • lizahoward says:

      So good to hear from you Gene! It’s all the blow-up penguins on people’s lawns wearing Christmas scarves that have been most strange and memorable for me. And all the icicle lights. Hope our running paths cross again.

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