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Well, so far no headaches from caffeine withdrawal.  Day 2.  I was a bit sad to get to the bottom of my one cup of coffee this morning.  But, hey, if I don’t feel any more energetic at the end of 2011, I’ll throw myself from the caffeine wagon and set my alarm to drink coffee on the hour — like I’m drinking water now.  I can’t say being more hydrated has made me feel any more peppy or industrious so far, but I’m sure my kidneys are happy for the work.  Maybe I need a chart to track the vitality increases.  If there’s one thing I like more than making New Year’s Resolutions, it’s shopping for paper products and making large charts.  I still have the one I made to train for the Ironman in 2002.  (I prayed the entire bike section I wouldn’t get a flat tire because I’d never changed one before.  This is what happens when you succumb to peer pressure.)

I woke up at 5 this morning to get running before we head to a water park.  But I’ve been waylaid by the couch and CBS Sunday Morning.  It’s only me and the parakeets up now and the quiet is lovely.  Wordpress has a daily blog challenge this year, and I just signed up.  I post most days anyway and I really look forward to writing.  I used to be an amazing letter writer.  I moved every couple of years as an Army brat, and I got good.  Think 19th century.  But keeping up with Asa pretty much put an end to my correspondence.  I don’t know that I’ve really written a letter to anyone since my grandmother passed away in 2009.  Perhaps that’ll change with all the newfound energy I’ll have by the end of the month, but, in the meantime, this blog is a manageable substitute.  Please let me know if  you’d like me to address any particular topics.  More running and training, more running and mom-ing, more examples of my amazing math skills.  (My parents have only been married 40 years.)  There’s not exactly a theme to this blog besides “What I’m Up To”  — which is mostly running and mothering.  I do like responding to comments.  Replies are more like postcards than letters and I’m still good at postcards.  Anyway!  I’ve gotta get out the door now.  15 mile tempo run.  In a sports bra!!  😉  (See resolutions.)

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8 Responses to Daily posts

  1. varunner says:

    Since you like comments, I’ll comment 😉 Good luck w/ the caffeine business. I can’t quite beat my Diet Pepsi in the morning addiction, but I do try to keep it to just one a day. Luckily, I never quite got into coffee.
    I think my foam roller has worn out, as I am having a ton of IT band problems. So I’m going to give your PVC recommendation a try.

    • lizahoward says:

      Thanks for the comment. :)l
      There’s a case of lonely diet soda in my sister’s fridge as I type. I hope the PVC helps. I never had a foam roller, so I don’t know how they’ll compare. The Airrosti fellow put some Coban-type tape on it to make it less slippery. I haven’t done that with mine.

  2. Clea says:

    Please keep up your daily posts…I really enjoy them. Your writing is very funny as you point out some of the really absurd things we runners do, but somehow you make it all sound normal too. Good luck at Bandera…..hope it is warmer than last year!

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Liza! I think you will find that when you do drink more water you’ll feel more energetic and in general very healthy overall. I started getting my daily dose a couple of years ago and it feels great! The increased oxygen delivery to your system I think you find will be a very welcome thing.

    Congrats on starting to fulfill your resolutions!


  4. Steve Wray says:

    I finally reduced my caffeine intake as well recently. Good luck and know that you will feel better after awhile. Good luck at Bandera!

    • lizahoward says:

      Thanks Steve. It seems like caffeine affects different people differently (no epiphany, right?), and it’s hits me like I imagine amphetamines would. I’m ready to take on the world after some caffeine — and talk happily non-stop about that conquest at the same time. The crashes aren’t pretty. Definitely something I should use in moderation.

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