The smell of Home Depot

My sister and I abandoned our parents t0 our children yesterday and went to Home Depot by way of Starbucks.  (Decaf soy latte.)  It was grand.  It’s amazing how your standards for a lovely afternoon out change when you have small children.  We shopped for sprinkler repair parts and chatted.  I had a student on a NOLS course in Alaska who responded to the ice breaker question “What is something few people know about you?” with: “I like the smell of Home Depot.”  (She was great like that.)  I’ve never been able to go into a Home Depot since without sniffing around a bit.  My sister thought it smelled a bit too locker room-like, but I can see the appeal.

C. and I haven’t had much opportunity to be close since we left home.  And I was a pretty horrible older sister growing up anyway.  (My preferred game: Serr-vahnt.  Rules:  Using a vaguely French accent, I tell Cathy what to do and she does it.  “Put yourself in the hamper!”  “Fetch me mom’s heels!”  Sadly mother put an end to this early sisterly bonding once she figured out what I was up to.)  Cathy forgave me my older sister jerkiness years ago, but our lives haven’t been in sync much.  And I haven’t put in enough effort at a friendship.  Amazing.  (That’s what you’d think if  you knew my sister.)  Anyway, the Home Depot date was a nice step in that direction.  I have also been mindful about doing a lot dishes and emptying the hampers while I’ve been here.  😉

Today is our last day on the island.  No more of this.

(Hawaiian shave ice.  Eliot’s is green tea flavor with black beans.  No kidding.)

We fly all day Wednesday.  And then it’s Thursday and prepping for Bandera.  Ahhhh!   I love running at Bandera and really am excited to be out there again.  I don’t know how I’ll fare during the race; There are some speedy ladies coming down for it.  Happily, I’m just feeling excited to me them.  I am so bringing Asa’s nap mat for autographs this time.

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2 Responses to The smell of Home Depot

  1. mtnrunner2 says:

    Now I totally have to go to Hawaii. Kalua pork followed by tea/black bean ice. After the Na Pali Coast trail of course.

    Linked through via GZ’s blog. Congrats on Bandera 🙂

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