San Antonio dreaming

I saw a man trimming his beautiful lawn with a pair of scissors this morning on my run.  It seemed like a sign; Time to get back to San Antonio.  It’s 7:30pm now and everyone has already turned in.  Parents, sister, nieces, and Asa: tucked in and dreaming.  The cab gets here at 4am to take Asa and me and my parents to the airport, but more than anything it was just that kind of day.  Everybody’s head was already well into Thursday.

I’m staying up “late” enjoying the quiet and making PB&J sandwiches for the plane.  Asa’s going to have a hard time readjusting to his bleak, trampoline-less, TV-less, potato chip-less existence back in San Antonio.  He told me five times today he wanted to “stay at Auntie Cathy’s.”  But I’ve got a messy house to ignore and 100 rocky kilometers to run with good friends on Saturday, so home it is.  This might take the sting off though, don’t you think?

Can you believe it?!?  (If Asa’s profound love for the brush collection truck is unfamiliar to you, you can read here or here.  You can also just google “brush collection truck image” and his picture pops up.  I’m not kidding.)  My great friend O. found this at a TJ Maxx today and contacted me immediately.   I’m going to tell Asa Santa delivered it to our house in San Antonio by mistake.  And Christmas was saved.

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4 Responses to San Antonio dreaming

  1. Mia Phillips says:

    Hey. I gave your blog address and email address to a friend of mine, Ben Creehan. He’s doing the Western States 100, Leadville and probably the OT100. He’s having some PF issues and I told him YOU would be the person to talk to, so I didn’t want you freaking out thinking he was some kind of stalker or something 🙂 He’s a super talented runner and you have lots in common. I thought you might be able to trade training and injury prevention/healing tips.

  2. Sara G says:

    I tried what you said on Google 🙂 How funny!

    So far, Alex likes the Recycling Truck. Maybe when he is older he will move on the the Brush Collection Truck.

    Have a great race this weekend!!!

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