Wonder and delight

OMG I am glad to be home!!!!  Asa and I walked into our house at 12:15 this morning after traveling for… I don’t know how long we traveled.  We got up at 3am in Hawaii, took 3 planes back to Texas, and midnight found us meandering slowly from our gate toward the parking garage.  And I do mean meandering.  Asa had been a prince throughout the day, so I just herded him a bit with one of the bags I was carrying and trusted we’d get to the car eventually.  I felt pretty close to Enlightenment after we spent 10 minutes at a handicapped accessible water fountain.  (Lots of water up the nose.) Honestly, I have nothing to complain about –even though the boy only slept for two hours on the first flight and then questioned me constantly for the next 92 hours.

“But why can’t we put our tray tables down now?”

“Why aren’t we in the air yet?”

“Why don’t they have any milk?”

“Where does the pee go when you flush the toilet?”

I told him it went out into the air.  He was delighted.  I have no guilt.  Tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and pee raining from the heavens.  It’s my job to create wonder and delight.  We also spent an inordinate amount of time discussing the information on the plane safety card.  The boy was riveted.  “Tell me again about three times you can’t open the door if the plane crashes.”  I’m sure we made the people around us nervous.  Oh well, they were nervous with a three year-old sitting so close anyway.  End of days behavior from this one or not?

Asa and I be-bopped happily around the house for about an hour after we got home.  We opened some Christmas packages, ate some bread Eliot had baked for us, paid attention to the cat, and told each other it was good to be home.  I finally changed him into his polar bear pajamas around 1:30 and we climbed into bed.  He’s still there now.  I would be, but I’ve got some Bandera logistics to think about.  Gels to buy.  Water needs to calculate.  Gaiters to find.  Weather to check.  Life is good.

A group of us will be running at Eisenhower tonight at 5:30 and then we’ll head over to Freetails around 6:30ish.  Join us if you can.  Most of us are running Bandera, so there’ll be a lot of that talk, as well as some chocolate covered Macadamia nuts from my mom.  🙂

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6 Responses to Wonder and delight

  1. Mia Phillips says:

    Good luck this weekend! I’m expecting great things from you this year 🙂 Not sure how you improve upon a win though! Don’t know if you made accommodations for Leadville yet, but I just found out pretty much everything is booked at the hostel for the weeks leading up to the mtb race. I’m getting ready to relinquish room #5 (private room downstairs) for different entire bunk room (the one that sleeps 4)! My whole family is coming with me this year…my husband has this idea that he’s hiking Mt. Elbert with me. My kids are only semi-excited at this point.

    • lizahoward says:

      Bummer about the hostel. I really want to stay there, but I’m still not sure how I’m going to work going up to Leadville early this year. Asa will be coming. And thanks so much for the good wishes. I will need them!

  2. Niki Lake says:

    Welcome back! Hope you have a blast at Bandera this weekend! I wimped out…too sick most all of December and will be working Saturday. But I have great plans for the future! You guys are very inspiring. But first I have to finish experiencing all of the joy encompassed in writing my first grant proposal. It is riveting, let me tell you. Hope to run with you guys at Ike soon…

  3. Trimble says:

    oh I love Asa! That kid’s the greatest!
    Welcome home and good luck this weekend!

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