Sleep, toilet paper, and compassion

I woke up around 2 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Sigh.  And my jaw is wickedly sore from clenching it during the few hours I did sleep.  So, apparently, I’m a bit tense.   It’s subconscious tenseness, though; Daily life is pretty much what it always is.  I’ll save further introspection until I can work in a nap.

I’ve been convinced to keep a food log this week to make sure I’m eating enough of what I should be eating.  Can I just say, BLEAUGH.  I am about as excited write down everything I eat as I am to teach Asa how to wipe himself.  (Eliot brought up that unsanitary milestone this morning and I almost ran from the room.)  It’s just laziness about the food log.  I don’t expect any revelations.  (Wow, a whole cup of peanut butter a day …, I didn’t realize.)  Ah, well, it can’t hurt.

Alright, the plan is to run in the cold drizzle for a while, read a bit of Karen Armstrong’s wonderfully titled book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, and then pick Asa up from school — and teach him a wholly different set of twelve steps.  Keep me in your thoughts this afternoon!

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One Response to Sleep, toilet paper, and compassion

  1. Todd says:

    If somebody told me I could be the best ultrarunner, or richest person in the world for that matter, if I only stopped eating peanut butter, I would probably be in jail for killing said person (which would be okay, if they had said peanut butter in said prison). Good luck on the tension. I feel the same during “winter” in SA.

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