Get away

It seemed a bit callous to post this picture from our Christmas trip to Hawaii at the time. But now that we’re back in San Antonio and it’s been raining and gray forever, I figured it was okay.  Doesn’t look quite real, does it?  If it were a painting, you’d be forced to hang it in the bathroom.  “Well, it’s a bit much, isn’t it?  A bit tacky, with the windblown palm trees and all.”  There are valleys in summertime in the North San Juan Mountains in Colorado that are like that too.  The line between awe-inspiring and bathroom art is so fine.

My brain is moldy this morning from all the rain, so I’ll just leave you with this picture of the warning on the fireworks we set off New Years Eve.

It reads like they put the warning together after a series of mishaps.  Their frustration is palpable by the final words.  “AND GET AWAY.”

Happy Saturday.

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One Response to Get away

  1. Marianne says:

    yes still mean to post a pic of HI!,, beautiful, stunning and pics like that are treasures. I actually did blow up a pic of a sunrise I saw while on some runs and actually did make them “bathroom art!”…. have a good day. always a joy reading your posts.

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