Fueling the dream

“This is my homey’s first time to the march, ” said the nice lady walking next to us at the Martin Luther King parade in San Antonio today.

“Oh, it’s my homey’s first time too,”  Eliot almost said.  I’m not sure what held him back exactly.  Perhaps my gender.

Eliot’s gone to the MLK parade here in San Antonio for the last three years, but this was my first non-working MLK weekend since we’ve been here, and my first chance to see the huge march.  I’ve seen my share of parades as an Army brat — especially attending high school in occupied West Berlin, –but I’ve never seen a mass of people moving like this.

A police officer said he thought there were about 120,000 marchers today.  He told us that right before he snuck us into a building to use the restroom, so Asa wouldn’t forever associate Dr. King with wet pants and chafing.

Of course, Asa was hugely pleased about the role Memphis sanitation workers played in the Civil Rights movement.  There was a large garbage truck leading the whole parade.  And there were a ton of children there walking, riding on shoulders, being pushed in strollers, and singing.  There were also lots of banners to delight the boy.  Valero Energy Corporation’s MLK marching banner? “Fueling the Dream.”

We peeled off and headed home before we got to the end of the march and the funnel cake carts.  Now Eliot and Asa are sleeping and I’m going to get out the door for some speedwork and to test those Accel gels.  Fueling the dream indeed.

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