Unto others

I tried to explain the Golden Rule to Asa yesterday.  The “untos” were a bit of a stumbling block, but I feel pretty confident he’ll think twice before he returns a hair pulling at school tomorrow.

So we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner last night.  (I know!  Here’s where I also tell you I’m leaving my family to follow Britney Spears around on tour.)  See, we went to a UTSA basketball game on Friday and the Chick-fil-A cow was there.  He’s charming.  Then it was a few well-placed billboards with cows standing on each other’s backs promoting chicken, a polite “Please may we eat at Chick-fil-A?” from a breathtakingly cute three year-old, and the next thing I knew we were seated at plastic tables and Asa had a kids meal with fries.  (I believe I already mentioned I was feeling weak-willed yesterday…)

And I’ve just got to say, we had a great time at the Chick-fil-A.  There was a 5 year-old cheerleading squad dressed up in fun sparkly (entirely appropriate) cheer outfits who held the door open for us when we arrived and said, “Welcome to Chick-fil-A!”  There were real flowers on our plastic tables.  A Chick-fil-A worker brought us our meal when we didn’t hear her call out our number.  Another polite worker came by later to check if we needed anything.  The cheerleaders came around with a basket of (wrapped) after dinner mints.  There was a book published by PBS in the kids meal bag for gosh sakes.  (About Martha the talking dog who introduces kids to new vocabulary.)  And you can imagine the fun Asa had in the habitrail play area while Eliot and I had an actual conversation with sentences.

I mean, we’re not going there again tonight.  But probably next month.  I figure a few nuggets made from questionable chicken parts is a small price to pay for such happiness.

OK, it’s a Thursday and I’ve got to figure out what Asa and I are going to be up to — besides my run.  Have good days, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  No hair pulling.

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3 Responses to Unto others

  1. footfeathers says:


    I don’t think there are any Chick Fil-A’s around here (boulder) but I lived in NC for a bit and there were plenty there. The whole cow trying to get humans to eat more chicken kind of creeped me out. I ate Burger King once last year (somewhere in WY on the way to the Bear 100) and I was scared at how good it tasted.

    The Golden Rule is a nice concept but both parties need to be both privy to it and adhere to it. I say just be the first to pull hair and then run away to avoid reciprocation.

  2. Emily says:

    Coming over at 10:30, right???

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