Prisoner dandruff

This is the tag on the mattress I’m sleeping on tonight at Texas State’s University Camp out in Wimberley. Can you make that out? It says,”Texas Department of Corrections.” That’s right, I’m sleeping on a prison mattress tonight. My mother would be displeased. 😉 The mattress weighs 90 pounds too. I almost threw out my back trying to flip it over to get a good picture for y’all. The bunk bed that the mattress is on is painted steel gray and has US stamped on the side. I’m guessing WWII. WWII prison camp? Or just a mishmash of bedding sources for Texas State?
On the home front, I just got this text from Eliot: “Asa and i WENT ROCKCLIMBING!!! He was terrific and had too much fun. I short-roped him through a few hundred yrds of boulder jumble, one of best adventure climbing days ever.” I am so jealous. Well, at least I get to sleep on prisoner dandruff tonight.

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6 Responses to Prisoner dandruff

  1. Marianne says:

    smile, you are very funny. thought of you yesterday as I was out on a marvelous trail… do well and enjoy your time away. m

  2. footfeathers says:

    Grody. But, thankfully, the mattress just came of the same assembly line as license plates; both products unused by inmates. What a great industry: government pays the overhead, no wages to be paid, no days off, and net 100% profits.

    It does look old enough that maybe Jack Ruby made that particular mattress…

  3. Brett Davis says:


    Its been quite some time now but I was one of your students right before summer last year for a WFR. Anyhow congrats on your trail running success! I was wondering if you have done the Fuego y Agua in Nicaragua? I dont think the next one is until February 2012 but I was kinda looking into it. And if your ever running in Austin I could use a buddy, a buddy that would dust me im sure but still, buddy nonetheless. Good luck with that prisoner dandruff!

    • lizahoward says:

      Hey Brett. I haven’t done Fuego y Agua, but I’d love to someday. I’m up in Austin to teach now and again. I’ll keep you posted. Very good to hear from you!

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