Fear induced speed

I had a great fear-induced tempo run last night. I’d been running along a dark, lonely road with trees on both sides for about five miles when I started to feel unnerved. I’m usually pretty comfortable in the dark, but last night it just took a few deer crashing through the brush alongside the road and the shadows cast by my headlamp to make me hightail it back to the cabin. I sprinted the last three miles and the speed bump by the caretakers house almost sent me sprawling. I’d hoped to do more than 10 miles, but I couldn’t convince myself it was a good idea to head back out again once I got back. I just couldn’t stop imagining someone running behind me. No fun, but it certainly made for my best tempo run in a long long while. Perhaps I should have my pacer jump unexpectedly out of the woods at Rocky and chase me.
Eliot and Asa just arrived to drive me back home, so I’ll sign off for now. Be safe.

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