Huntsville nightlife

Good grief, have you seen who’s registered for Rocky now? Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka, Hal Koerner, and Karl Meltzer. It’ll be awesome to see them running. And, yes, I will have Asa’s nap mat and a Sharpie ready post race — if they decide to hang around for a couple (five) hours — and I’m not tossing my cookies.

One does wonder how they’ll occupy themselves in Huntsville if they finish as early as expected.  The Texas Prison Museum closes at 5, so they’d really have to hustle to see that.  (You really need to click on that link.  Really.)  There’s amazing barbecue in town (Church BBQ), but I think they close early too. Maybe just a visit to “Big Sam,” the Sam Houston statue?  67 feet tall with a 10 foot base.  Dancing?  Glad I won’t have to wrestle with these kind of decisions myself.

Slow news day otherwise.  A visit to the zoo, and time with friends and three year-olds.  Looking forward to the morning cup of coffee.  I’ll write more then.  Thanks for reading.

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6 Responses to Huntsville nightlife

  1. Josh says:

    Wishing the best of luck to you Liza! I’ll be out there for the weekend and definitely trying to get a signature from Jurek and Krupicka!

  2. Amy P. says:

    Did you see the Texas Prison Bureau bobblehead doll on the gift shop website?
    I think Dear William and I will NEED to visit, if only to acquire the bobblehead doll.

  3. Greg Luffey says:

    Wow, prison art. Good luck at Rocky. I hope to make it there someday. Maybe when my PF goes away. 😦

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