Wild uncluttering

Eliot gave me some Asa-free time last night to weed through our possessions.   It was great and now there are twelve bags for Goodwill sitting in the living room.  I miss the “purge of possessions” that came every two or three years growing up as an Army brat.  I haven’t had a good uncluttering purge since the boy was born.  And I only got through our bedroom and one linen closet last night.  Twelve bags.  Our house has become a repository for things people don’t want in their own homes, but that are too nice to get rid of if they can’t be given a good home someplace else.  This is a blessing, of course, but it also gives our house the feel somebody’s grandparents’ attic.

I found a stack of photos from my twenties that I’d tucked away (see yesterday’s post).  It was interesting to see pictures of myself over those years.  Afterwards I headed directly back to the closet and culled through my clothes again.  I have a bit of a Boy Scout always-be-prepared / Depression mentality when it comes to clothing.  But it felt good to pass on the ill-fitting, hand-me-down business suits and the ill-fitting 90s cocktail party wear. (Anyone need any hot pink silk pants?)  I’ve had no sartorial obligations in the last ten years.  And if my life takes a wild turn in the future, well, there will probably still be stores that sell clothing and we will probably be able to come up with some money to buy a few outfits that actually fit.  I know, caution to the wind!

There’s a wind chill advisory here this morning.  It might get down to zero degrees.  I’m guessing I’m going to have the trails at Eisenhower park this morning to myself.

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6 Responses to Wild uncluttering

  1. footfeathers says:

    It’s -16 here this morning. It was near 70 five days ago.

  2. Kat says:

    Stay warm, Friend.

  3. Trimble says:

    I was just whining to myself that it’s a chilly 50 here… ok I’ll stop.

  4. olga says:

    Ask Larry decluttering is my middle name. Or first. He is afraid to leave me home alone. And we already don’t have anything. Between growing up a military brat – hello, sista! – and having to move every (EVERY!) 2 years since I am in US (10 times in 18 years) – it comes handy. I did sleaning of closets at my girlfriend’s a month ago – 6 garbage bags, just clothes!

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