Snow day & Rocky Raccoon Goals

Eliot is walking to work this morning because all the major highways in San Antonio are closed. I think we got half an inch of snow. No smirking you readers from snowy places. I was full of patronizing condescension when we first moved here from Colorado and they shut things down under similar conditions. But, really, in a big southern city, it’s just best if drivers stay off the road on days like this. No need to work on improving snow driving skills.

Eliot just called with a report from the street. Icy. Supposedly the roads will be open again by noon. Should be an interesting drive to Huntsville.

Asa is tugging at me to get out in the snow. He’s dressed himself in every layer he has while I’ve been typing. “Come on MOOOOOM!!!!” So I’ll leave off for now. I hope there will be Twitter updates from the race on the blog tomorrow. I think I set it up correctly, but you never know. Eliot says he’ll Twitter on LizaHoward1, but he’s never Twittered, so no promises.

I’ll put up my goals as soon as we build some tiny snowmen.

Update 12:30: We’re sitting still in bumper to bumper traffic on a feeder road next to the closed highway. It’s sunny and warm and you’d have to look inside somebody’s freezer to find any ice. We’ll be driving through the night to make it to the race at this rate. But Asa just said, “Mom, you’re so sweet, I’m going to call you a doughnut.”. So it’s all good.

Rocky Raccoon Goals 2011
1. Make it to the start
2. Work as hard as I can during the race
3. Volunteer at the Nature Center Aid Station after I’m done
4. Help with race clean up

3 & 4 will be a challenge (because I’m usually vomiting post-race), but 2 you can count on. 1 is up in the air at this point.

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7 Responses to Snow day & Rocky Raccoon Goals

  1. Julie says:

    Good luck tomorrow, Liza!!

  2. Terri says:

    Good Luck!!!!!

  3. Sara G says:

    Have a safe trip and a great race!
    Eliot is dedicated! I was sitting at home waiting for UTSA to close for the day.

  4. Clea says:

    Good luck. I look forward to following the race!

  5. Greg L. says:

    You’re making us nervous. I can’t stand the suspense. Not the race results, but that you make it to the start on time! Good luck.

  6. Trimble says:

    yea! Good luck Liza!!

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