Drowning cows and GU

I mentioned in a comment yesterday that Asa had Cowboy Day at school.  I took a picture for you all as soon as he got home.  Cowboy hat: Check.  Cowboy life jacket: Check.  He told me he needed to wear the life jacket “in case a cow fell into some water.”  Right.  I am ashamed to admit that I made him carry the life jacket through the parking lot instead of wearing it.  I told you how that day school drop off totally cows me.

In other news, GU has taken me on as one of its athletes too!  Whoop!!  Over the moon.  They sent me a profile to fill out and one of the questions was:  Three things people don’t know about you?  I texted my sister and mom and dad for help.  Mistake.  Glad I could entertain them so thoroughly though, I guess.  Here’s what I came up with on my own:

1. I Went to high school in West Berlin – before the Wall came down

2. My favorite Muppet is Gonzo

3. I used to keep a neat and tidy house

I don’t know what they were hoping for exactly with the question.  I guess I could have looked at their other athletes’ profiles.  I figure any time I have the opportunity to tell people about my totem animal, I’m going to take it.

And, finally, there’s an interesting discussion about nutrition on Endurance Planet.  I’ve only half listened to it so far.  Chia seeds and the evils of vegetarianism…  And I miss Kevin Patrick.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about a neat training camp for Leadville.

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21 Responses to Drowning cows and GU

  1. olivia says:

    WAY TO GO!
    Also,,,What a DARLING Cowboy & Lifejacket!
    I hope we get together later today.

  2. Marianne says:

    congrats on your recent sponsorships!! my fav animal is Kermit! I have visited the Berlin Wall before it was taken down.. so cool about you!!! again congrats on all of your successes.

  3. Mia Phillips says:

    Superstar!! FYI, Lentils w/Avacado is still my fave meal, thanks to you. I haven’t even looked into the Chia seeds 🙂 Congrats!!

  4. Paige T. says:

    Mmmm, Mia’s lentils w/ avocado mention above sounds delish!

    Woohoo, GU! You are just rackin’ up the ‘ships! Well deserved!

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog; you are refreshingly funny and entertaining 🙂

  5. TonyM says:

    GU! Alright!
    You remind me of “Animal” when you’re in the late stages of a 100 miler 🙂 JK
    I miss Kevin Patrick Too. It’s just not the same…………

  6. Gene Taylor says:

    Hey Liza,
    Maybe next you can get Cadillac or Lexus to sponsor you so you can get to the races in style. Then maybe exxon mobile or shell oil to fill it with gas.
    Seriously, it is good that sponsors finally found you. You have earned your place.

    • lizahoward says:

      Gene, did you see me at the Enterprise Rent-a-Car with my running resume yesterday?!? I figured maybe they’d have an extra car — on the weekends of WS and Leadville — that I might be able to use. I could take pictures of Asa and me at various rest stops as we drive West and North. Can’t understand why they haven’t called yet.

  7. Josh says:

    YAY!!! Looking forward to some killer races this semester! :waiting with baited breath for Leadville info: 🙂

  8. SteveQ says:

    Just discovered your blog. Can I borrow the cowboy outfit and life vest for the next Javelina Jundred? Being about 20 sizes too small will guarantee me the costume win.

    Fave muppet: Lew Zealand.

    • lizahoward says:

      Oh, Lew is a good one. Certainly borrow the costume idea, but you’d have to pry the life vest from Asa’s fingers. He’s currently using it as a fire fighter’s SCBA — complete with goggles, of course.

  9. Clea says:

    Congrats on your sponsorships. I totally agree with you about Endurance Planet. I listen to it at work and used to get so excited when there were new interviews posted. I LOVED how Keven Patrick interviewed everyone from elites to regular folks. I am not so sure about the new girl. She doesn’t sound like she has a clue what she is talking about half the time. It just doesn’t seem to have the same flow that it used to. 😦

  10. Larry says:

    GU sponsorship? Awesome! I bet if someone did blood work on me, GU would show up next to the blood sugar counts. Record GUs taken in a race was Bear (DNF) last year at 48 packets. Yum! 🙂 Congrats! It was great seeing you hang with the boys last Saturday (that was a 16 GU run for me).

    • lizahoward says:

      I filled out the GU order sheet incorrectly and they wrote back to say that I was attempting to order 10,516 GUs. I feel a bit sick thinking about ingesting 10,516 of anything.

  11. Trimble says:

    Fantastic news! Congrats Liza. Couldn’t happen to a more wonderful person!

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