Rhino heaven and training camps

Asa has the day off from school today for parent-teacher conferences.   Parent teacher conferences for a three year-old?  Sounds like an excuse to me.  I’m going to work a field course for NOLS in the Gila Wilderness most of April though, so Asa-time is feeling precious.  We’ll have a good day.  I just need to figure out a way to convince him that scrubbing a tub out is a fun thing to do.  Sadly, he’s a pretty smart little fellow.  (By which I mean he’s not likely to thinking scrubbing is fun.  I’ll wait for the 15 minute conference this morning to hear how brilliant he is with dull scissors and paint.)  We’ll probably head back to the zoo.  They just lost their black rhino (mysteriously dead, not wandering the streets of San Antonio), so there’ll have to be some sort of discussion about the rhino afterlife.

I’m having a sit down later today with Amanda and Laurel Tierney to talk about race nutrition and probably my nutrition in general.  Bleaugh.  I’ve got to get the half-empty bag of Jelly Bellies hidden before they get here.

The boy is up and demanding oats, so I’m just going to put this link to the Sunki Mountain Running Camp, a training camp for the Leadville 100 May 35-29th right now.  It’s run by Tim Waggoner and Tim Long.  Duncan Callahan, last year’s winner, will be there and will give a talk.  Looks to be a really great training opportunity.  And I will also get to be there!  I will the one fielding questions about Saltine crackers and flat soda — and sports bra sizing. Okay, Asa is now doing a “Feed me oatmeal!” dance.  More on the camp soon.

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2 Responses to Rhino heaven and training camps

  1. Shannon says:

    Well my mom always had us play “Cinderella” to get house work done, I am not sure how effective that will be on a little boy…

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