Slow day and mega gyms

It’s a slow news day here.  A small run, mindful eating, a wild three year-old, some church, some time for Eliot to mountain bike, maybe some bathroom cleaning, and some Valentine making for all of Asa’s little classmates.  I will also be doing some weight lifting.  That’s right, you might not recognize me if you’re at Nueces because I’ll be so huge.  I haven’t lifted any weights besides Asa and the cat for a long long while.  I remember enjoying it.  I used to be really intimidated by the whole gym scene — mostly because I had to take the pin out of any machine’s weight stack in order to use it.  And there always seemed to be some large, muscled man looking on while I wrestled the pin out from the bottom of the stack where he’d left it.  Then I became running buddies with K. who, in addition to being one of the best people I’ve ever known, was a personal trainer.  She pointed out how most of these large men were doing the exercises incorrectly.  Ah, the power of knowledge and a feeling of superiority.  I was a three times a week gym visitor after that.  I could carry the groceries in from the car like nobody’s business.  These were all gyms on military posts and bases.  I don’t have any experience in the civilian gym world — except that brief foray into the Lifetime Fitness spa.  I’ve heard that San Antonio has quite the mega gym scene.  It’d be fun to spend a day watching — while sipping on a latte.  I will do my gym-ing at UTSA watching the college scene.  I’m sure I will have good stories to share.

Time for that brief run now.  Happy Sunday.

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8 Responses to Slow day and mega gyms

  1. Emily says:

    Liza – Would you like to try Body Pump with me this week? It’s a one hour class of all weights…every muscle group. I go Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:15, Let me know and I’ll get you a pass!

  2. Paulette says:

    With all your jokes about immodium, you saved me last night! I was running a nite 50k, and well, the whole day I was having problems in the stomach department. I was preparing myself to “trot” the entire 50 k, and then I remembered your jokes. My friend and I laughed our way into walgreens, and I choked down the green stuff. Life saver! So thanks for the jokes!

    Oh and I love the candid mom talk. The video ideas from the other day cracked me up. I was thinking similar things last night, running the 50k…thing like, “do they give an award for people who scrubbed toilets, hung out with sick children, and went grocery shopping before this?”. I am certain that this inhibited my abilities to bear Josh Brimhall! Lol!

    • lizahoward says:

      I’m so glad about the immodium helped out, Paulette. Julie or Kerry, I think, recommended it in a comment here. Claim your immodium credit ladies! Yes, there definitely should be some asterisk after the time of anyone who is a child’s primary care giver — especially for a night run.

  3. Josh says:

    OH SNAP!!! Liza at UTSA Rec? Very nice! Let me know when you want to lift… I’m pretty sure David and I can spare an hour of work lol

  4. Greg L. says:

    I loathe the gym, but am swimming at UTEP because of PF. I read your post about Airosti, but we don’t seem to have it out here in the desert (that I’ve been able to find). Happy lifting!

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