Steve Jones and good days

My friend Olga sent me a link to this video of Steve Jones in a 10,000 meter race.  It’s awesome and and I wanted to make sure you all had seen it.  Thanks again Olga.

I sent the video to my running buddies when I first saw it.  Then T. told a friend who was a friend of Jones and look what I got yesterday.


Have a good day everybody!


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4 Responses to Steve Jones and good days

  1. SteveQ says:

    I’ve studied Jones’ training obsessively, as he and I are both speedsters who moved up in distance (though the talent level gulf between us is as big as the Gulf of Mexico). That clip showed he did everything right in that race; you only get a few of those – I still remember a mile race I did where, going back and forth between first and second with another runner, I pulled out a sub-12 second 100m to finish for the win… now if only I weren’t several hours behind in ultras, I might get a chance to do that again!

    Jones looks like he could still pull out a good race or two.

    • lizahoward says:

      I’ve really enjoyed reading more about Jones. And, agreed, I imagine the number of ultra wins that came down to the last few meters could be counted on a finger or two.

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