Under the radar

I got in around 2:30 this morning from Albuquerque, and I was dreading the day, but after a bit of fist shaking at the gods first thing this morning, it’s been okay –thanks to some very good mom friends and a bit more caffeine than usual.  The run hasn’t happened yet, of course.  It’s 9:30pm, so “yet” is a bit ridiculous.  But I’m not ready to make my peace with a missed workout.

Eliot got “Running the Sahara” for me to watch while I was traveling.  It kept me well entertained during my trip home from Albuquerque.  The movie came out the year Asa was born, (the Year of the Colicky Baby), so I’d never heard of it.  And  I just read about the whole after story and Mr. Engle’s incarceration.  It’s amazing what doesn’t make my radar screen these days.  Has anything else happened recently that I should know about?  Do monkeys talk now?

Eliot just walked in the door and I’m going to have him watch some of the movie to see what he thinks.  Maybe I’ll make it to the treadmill after that…

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