Perspective shift and plantar fasciitis video

I had some sleep last night and now I’m feeling all inspired and peppy.  I got up at 4 this morning to run with some road running friends — and their friends — who were running on a new greenbelt path near my house.  It brought back nice memories of running with the good folks at Final Kick in Virginia Beach when marathons were races and not training runs — and my hair was not silver-ing.

My dad is coming home from the hospital today.  So it’s a very good day.  He’ll be getting his strength back at my sister’s house in Hawaii for a while.  A nice place to heal up if you have to be convalescing.  His diet’s going to be on the bland side from here on out, and, in solidarity, I’m going to eat the same way.  What else can I do from 3700 miles away? Besides send cute pictures of Asa.

I’ve also decided to prioritize training this year and give it 100%.  I’ve always thought of my running as a hobby — an obnoxiously time-consuming hobby, but a hobby.  I’m going to look at it more as a job for the rest of the year.  Or, more accurately, a demanding unpaid internship.  Eliot’s grandfather cornered him at a family reunion years ago and told him the Howard name would die with him if he didn’t have a son.  (“The name dies with you, boy!”)  We’d certainly like to fortify the dwindling ranks of Howards with another child eventually — and since I’m no spring chicken, “eventually” should probably be sooner rather than later.  All this is to say, that I’d like to give running my best this year before focusing on my “great with child” look.  The shift in perspective probably won’t have much of an impact on my day-to-day training, but I think it’ll help me feel less guilty about it — and a bit more excited too.  So I wrote down a bunch of running goals last night — and now I’d better stop typing and get running.  Please eat something salty and fried for me today.  I’ll cover you on broccoli and kale.

PS.  Here’s the Plantar Fasciitis treatment video from the Airrosti folks.  I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

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4 Responses to Perspective shift and plantar fasciitis video

  1. Olga says:

    I’d like to see those goals:) nah, don’t. Too stressful with pressure. Enjoy, yet go after them!

  2. Kerry Rodgers says:

    Liza, I kept waiting to see when you were going to appear in the video! 😉 just kidding. Best wishes with the goals, the perspective shift, and the present- and future family. I identify with the guilt of being away from the family. But I also think you are doing a great thing for Asa and his future siblings by modeling good behaviors. Like going for your goals, living a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle, avoiding McD’s oatmeal (seriously!)…. Hopefully, it balances out. And you can look forward to the time that Asa will run with you!

    Request: didn’t you mention you’re going to teach a NOLS field course sometime soon? I keep wondering about that. What/where’s the course, how are you planning to train in the field, how will you eat there, etc.etc. Idea for a blog entry on a boring day?

    • lizahoward says:

      I’ll be in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico for about three weeks. The students will be fourth year medical school students, so we’ll do a lot of wilderness medicine scenarios in addition to basic campcraft, orienteering, communication, and leadership training. I worked the course two years ago and had to use a breast pump the entire time, so this will be a lot less intense — and less awkward for my co-instructors. I will definitely post more about the course Kerry. They’ll be some great stories and pictures.

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