Sweat tests and wild free time

I went to bed around 9 last night and woke up at 6:30, so apparently I’m still catching up on a bit of sleep.  I read a book on sleep years ago (ah, the good old days when there was that kind of wild free time) by some important sleep study physician fellow that said people will sleep only as much as they need to, once they catch up on any sleep deficit.  It worked out to something between 7-9 hours for most people I think.  It’d be nice to be one of those 7 hour people, eh?  I’m pretty sure I’m a solid 8 hour gal.

Anyway!  I’ve got to go weigh myself and then get running.  It’s a sweat test day.  I’ve got to see how much weight I lose during a one hour run to figure out exactly how much salt I should be taking in during races.  One might think I should have done this a very long time ago.  And one would be right.  The clothes-less weighing in before and after a 60 minute run is just sooooo inconvenient.  Especially since I rarely ever run for just 60 minutes at a time.  Sigh.

Looking forward to seeing some of you up at Nueces next weekend!  Please say hi.

PS. A friend just forwarded this to me:


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10 Responses to Sweat tests and wild free time

  1. Olga says:

    That info on 100k is screaming on every website today. Totally a payday. A threat to NF? You’re better at a longer haul…Mm, thought for food.
    I am so-o an 8hr girl who is escited to get full 7 when (and if) that happens! I want my 7! And I just got off coffee too! If you find a lifeless body today, please call Larry. Because he had to save me from under a bench press this morning already! At least I am catching up numbers…what reminds me, at Nueces when you’re done, I can bench-press you so my training doesn’t stall. Oh, and on weighing in front? Don’t forget to towel after to remove precious 2 gramms for the science!

  2. Greg L. says:

    My first ultra trail run was the G.E.E.R. 50K in Charlottsville. A beautiful course with lots of rocks to keep you alert. Hope you decide to run it.

  3. Amy P. says:

    Ok, I’m so sorry I’ll miss you [all] at Nueces; I’m traveling for two weeks for work. It won’t be as much fun! Separate note: had ridiculous forefoot/arch pain during and after Austin on Sunday (maybe it’s a sign to stay off the roads??); I stopped at the first exit on the way home for a gas station with an ice box. Went to Airrosti today because you said such great things about it and because my little business trip is going to be VERY physically demanding. (I couldn’t be limping around – they would send me home! Not ok for this trip.) That was a brutal treatment, but I have plans to return as soon as I’m back from this trip. Yikes.

    I’m drinking water now.

    See you in March!

  4. Jen says:

    If you think back to when Asa was teeny and sleep wasn’t much, what was your threshold for training. My LO is 5 months and I have a hard time going over 50mpw, but am only sleeping 2 hour stretches adding up to 4-6 hours a night tops. Just wondering how this year’s training is going to have to be modified based on such major sleep deficit. Thanks!!

    • lizahoward says:

      I was a wreck during Asa’s first year. Honestly I couldn’t tell you what my weekly mileage was. I doubt it was 50 mpw. I was also in nursing school at the time, so that put a wrench in things. I’d like to think I could manage to train more if Baby #2 comes along, but that sleep torture is — is torture. And I think I’d prioritize 8 hours of rest over the mileage. I didn’t start really training consistently again until after Asa’s first year — though I’m sure there are tons of “put together” women who manage it. That first year I went running to keep my sanity — not really to train for anything. I’m thinking of you!

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