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Steve Jones and good days

My friend Olga sent me a link to this video of Steve Jones in a 10,000 meter race.  It’s awesome and and I wanted to make sure you all had seen it.  Thanks again Olga. I sent the video to … Continue reading


Racing tumbleweeds

So there’s a bit of altitude here in Albuquerque.  I had the most pitiful run around the Albuquerque Academy campus (above) earlier tonight.  The tumbleweeds were blowing around a lot faster than I was moving. This one in particular. I … Continue reading

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It’s 11pm and I’m sitting in the Dallas airport. We just got off the plane that was supposed to take us to Albuquerque because one of the window deicers wasn’t working. This was known before we boarded, while we boarded, … Continue reading

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Albuquerque bound

I’m headed to Albuquerque tonight to teach over the long weekend.  I am, of course, unpacked and unprepared to leave.  I imagine the time between sipping my instant latte at the dining room table here while Eliot mixes up a … Continue reading

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Figure-8 movement

There’s a great article by Vicky Hallett in the Washington Post about sports bras — that my dad sent me.  Here are some gems: “Most bras address vertical movement but fail to control the breasts when they shift in other directions.” “Different types … Continue reading

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Study sessions and robberies

I went to Barnes and Noble after dinner last night to study for a recertification exam I’m taking later today.  A loud-talking couple at a table four inches from mine had the most inane discussion about religion I’ve ever been … Continue reading

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Valentines and hill work

Apparently Valentine’s Day is the new Halloween.  Asa came home with quite the haul from school yesterday.  I’ll be meting out candy for days.  One mom also sent in a good-sized stuffed animal for each of the twelve children.  Really? … Continue reading