Still time to get a short stack

I hope you all had a wonderful National Pancake Day.  There’s still time to get to IHOP before 10pm for free pancakes if you haven’t had your fill.  When I ran rescue in Virginia Beach, I’d start most shifts at a greasy spoon diner down on the oceanfront eating a short stack.  There was a group of older men who held court at the diner early each morning, and, more often than not, they’d pick up my pancake tab.  Ah, the good old days.

So I found Asa scaling the chain link fence in our backyard today.  The rascal had one leg over the top and looked at me with a perfect “hand in the cookie jar” expression when I came around the corner.  We discussed “falling to your death,” but I’m doubtful it took. And Eliot looked almost proud when I told him.  Climbers and their progeny.

Oh, and apparently the Tiger Mom’s a runner.  Here’s the Runner’s World article.  I LOVE the stretching picture.

Food log: (I’m still working on formatting this.  Today it’s just a list of ingredients because if I take too much more time writing you won’t be able to get to IHOP.)

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7 Responses to Still time to get a short stack

  1. Tony Maldonado says:

    Ah, climbing fences. It brings back such great memories of my youth. That kid is all boy. I can teach Asa some fence climbing techniques. I’m sure Eliot knows many more than I do. But, would he be able to climb a fence in a full length leg cast? As my friend Vincent did when we were 12!

  2. Footfeathers says:

    I often stretch my armpits before a run. That way, they don’t cramp.

    Did you eat immediately after your run?

  3. lizahoward says:

    Yup. Looking forward to being on the beautiful course — not so much the running of 50 miles.

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