Wrong side of the bed

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  It’s a good thing we don’t have a small dog or I might be tempted to nudge it forcefully with my foot.

(See Note 1.)  As it is, I am forced to glare hatefully at the cat.  (It’s asleep. Also, see Note 2.)  I just dropped Asa off at “school” and I’m going to head to Friedrick Park for some trail therapy as soon as I finish nursing my coffee.  I’m sure the world will be bright and shiny again after some time under the live oaks.  I think I need some inspirational motivation.  Please share any you have.  Or a good joke.  😉

Be good to your pets, spouses, and children today.

Note 1:   I would not actually kick a small dog.

Note 2: I don’t really hate our cat.  I just don’t feel a lot of affection for it on a regular basis.

Food log:

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8 Responses to Wrong side of the bed

  1. Tika says:

    I hope your run turned your day around if the cats didn’t. I’ve decided that finding a friend to make you laugh on a crappy day is one of the best uses of Internet communication – otherwise it can be pretty weird.
    Its a bit late in the day for inspirational motivation, but I could send some reverse inspiration and an amusing anecdote involving a little boy, a pick-up truck and gender stereotypes….

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