House burning

I managed to find to the right side of the bed this morning and I even pet the cat briefly.  Looks likes it’s going to be a stellar day.  I think Asa and I are going to check out Natural Bridge Caverns.  I want to work some caving into his imaginary repertoire.  I’m getting a bit burned out on fire fighting.

“What’s on fire now, Mom?”

“The dresser.”

“OK, I put that out.  What’s on fire now?”


Everything in the house has burned at least three times.  (I’m just bitter because he didn’t like the SCBA I fashioned for him this morning.)

I had a great run yesterday under the live oaks.  It was the first time I’ve felt like I’ve had some fuel in the tank since Rocky.  I can’t imagine running back to back 100 milers.  (No Burning River between Western States and Leadville for me.)  I just have a slow hour on the schedule today.  Amanda wrote that it was supposed to be “embarrassingly slow.”  It takes a lot to embarrass me.  What is the least amount of mileage I could run in an hour, do you think?

Food log: Carbo loading for Nueces 50 today.  400g.  Whoop.

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8 Responses to House burning

  1. Brian says:

    What is the least amount of mileage I could run in an hour, do you think?

    –Come to Ike and we will find out! I’ll be there at 5:30 (assuming track practice goes as planned). I think John is planning on coming too.

  2. Vidal Gonzalez says:


    I thought I’d chime in on the hour thing. The other day I ran w my wife for an hour and we ran 2.26 miles at Eisenhower Park. It was her first time she ran so much on a trail run and I took her on some of the tough parts. She did a great job!

    So, in an hour I think you can run less than that, if you try really, really hard.

    God bless,


  3. Olga says:

    How ’bout 4, and all of ’em running, not walking? Try and beat this:)
    I was thinking of you last couple of trail runs of mine after work. You know, the post about bra running (not one from bra-contents moving 8-shape, and not one where you cut it with the knife, but the one earlier, from after-Hawaii trip and your proimise to run shirtless). Anyhow, sadly, winter is over, and I am running shirtless. And thinking: hmm, if Liza is feeling uneasy about exposing, what am I supposed to feel? Nothing besides I don’t care and I have a breeze on my tummy:) It helps my spare tire got deflated. So, put on your best bra that helps you move 6-shape, and leave the shirt at home tonight!

    • lizahoward says:

      OK, two things: 1. I do seem to write about sports bras a bit. You’d think I actually needed to wear one. 😉
      2. CRAP! I was definitely planning on waiting until April to blind the fellas here with my pale belly. I mean, it’s one thing to force that sight on complete strangers…
      Thank you for being my conscience — though I did mutter your name a few times grumpily as I “disrobed” at Eisenhower last night. See you soon!

  4. Niki Lake says:

    Hope you guys love Natural Bridge…would love to go caving with Asa at GC sometime! We have a few families with small kids that show up to our monthly karst project from time to time, and I love it. It’s nice to have people around that understand you. This weekend is our 100th trip celebration. We will celebrate by eating feral hog and cake (or in my case feral veggie dogs and cake).
    Hope to see you tonight…if not at Ike at Freetails….

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