Lost day

I’m standing in the kitchen rolling my foot back and forth over a lacrosse ball. I just finished getting everything together for the run tomorrow. Chris is picking me up at 2:30am and we’ll head north to Camp Eagle. Eliot and Asa will follow at a more civilized hour. It took me forever to get my gels, mixes and, elixirs together. You’d think it’d get easier, but I’m treating tomorrow as a nutrition test as much as anything, so I had to do a lot of calculating. Division at 9:30pm: Danger.
New Balance sent me a shockingly pink top that I’ll be wearing tomorrow. There is no chance I will get shot by a hunter in this one. And it seems nice and loose in all the right places, so there shouldn’t be a repeat of the Rocky sports bra adventure. Still, I’m hoping for some good stories for you all. More soon.

Food log:  Goal 500g of carbs.

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2 Responses to Lost day

  1. Footfeathers says:

    Run strong and have a good time.

  2. Josh says:

    Sending best wishes and good vibes your way! Run well!

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