Locusts and free bamboo

I don’t think we can blame my parents for the tsunami bearing down on Hawaii, exactly. I’m just saying that that earthquake hit New Zealand right after they left Christchurch and flew back to my sister’s home in Hawaii. And this tsunami is arriving a week after they left Hawaii to return to Virginia. (My sister’s house is 0.5 miles outside of the evacuation zone.) I pointed this out to them this morning and my mom told me to be on the look out for locusts. They’re officially uninvited for a visit — and to Western States. (All those effected by these disasters are in our thoughts and Asa’s mealtime prayers.)

So everyone should start a blog as soon as possible. The list of good things that have happened since I started this one is long. Lost friends found. New friends. Brushes with celebrity. Good advice. Buckets of accountability. And now, FREE BAMBOO. That’s right, last night at the Eisenhower run, a new friend who’d read the blog yesterday invited me and Eliot over to harvest some of the bamboo from his backyard. I’ll pack up my machete and head over this weekend. (No new planting, just harvesting Kerry and Sarah.)

Gotta get the boy’s lunch packed now. I will post those March resolutions soon — definitely before the end of March.

Food log:

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7 Responses to Locusts and free bamboo

  1. Robert says:

    Let me know when you want to swing by and do some bamboo chopping. Lauren is running prickly pear, so sat. afternoon or Sunday is best.

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